April Fool

You supply the jargon

We’ll nail the bargain


5 Easy Steps

  • Choose a design template below
  • Email us your information
  • We'll insert info each month
  • You proof individual design proof
  • We provide newsletter in printed or ezine format


  • Your Brand customised in its own colours and theme
  • Each Newsletter is individually designed to suit that customer at a Ridiculously LOW PRICE of €245 for 500 A4 Newsletters front & back or €160 for Ezine
  • Cheaper way to target your customers
  • Keeps your customers thinking of you on a regular basis, increasing your chance of sales
  • Its a good reason to create New OFFERS to keep your
    customers informed and interested

See T&C’s below for more details on this

Design Layout 1 Design Layout 2 Design Layout 3


  • Be POSITIVE in your message, customers are fed-up of recession, recession, recession. Give them something that will stimulate them, make them become AWARE and to NEED your product
  • Everybody loves a BARGAIN!! Give your customers offers every month that will have them racing in the door
  • Do potential customers recognise you? Are you their FIRST CHOICE? Newsletters and regular marketing can help you increase your market share
  • It is so important to have a BRAND that everybody knows and recognises, this is how the biggies make it!

See T&C’s below for more details on this AMAZING OFFER